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Monday Ramble II

Came in to work this morning, despite the pain in my leg which had eased off somewhat during the weekend, as I took it as easily as I could (other than having to go out for groceries a couple of times and going to dinner with friends on Saturday night). The pain is not good, and the Tylenol has been helping me only marginally.

I'm scheduled for the MRI bright and early tomorrow morning, and am not looking forward to that. At least I'm having it done at one of the imaging labs here in town, and don't have to go to the hospital. I've been in too many hospitals in my life, and have pretty bad memories of them for the most part, so they're a trial for me all the time.

The weekend was pretty good, other than the pain, and I got a bit of reading done and some work done on a few other things as well. I finished re-reading Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, and enjoyed it all over again, and also managed to wrap up one of the roleplaying projects I'm working on.

Anyway, back to the grind.
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