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Home From Work, and Tonight's Gaming Session

Got home from work around 2:00 pm, after stopping off to do a bit of grocery shopping (as I ran out of some of the veggies and milk again).

The work day was relatively long and quite busy, to say the least, but I survived the shortened work week, and actually got a decent day's work in.

I heard from Kathy, and the Friday night group will be short two players tonight, as they are still somewhat under the weather from the case of flu that they had caught. Since the others don't want to do roleplaying games tonight without them, the Atlantis: The Second Age game is on hold until next week, and we'll be doing some board games this evening.
Tags: atlantis rpg, board games, cancelled, friday gaming group, gaming hut, grocery shopping, office, personal, rpg hut, work

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