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Board Games on a Friday Night

As mentioned in yesterday afternoon's journal entry, gaming was back on with the Friday night group.

While I had expected to start running the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG campaign again last night, because of lingering illness among the players of the group and the absence of three players, it was decided last night that we would play board games. And a good time was had, to be honest.

Kathy, Tom, Angela, David, and Ellie showed up to play last night, the players arriving roughly around 7:15 pm. We sat and chatted about what the group should play, and it was decided that we'd get into a game of Dragonriders of Pern, and follow that up with a game of Britannia, if there was any time left in the late evening.

We started off with the game of Dragonriders of Pern, and the game went swimmingly for the first three turns or so. And then Threadfall came out in a bad way, becoming Unpredictable, and then just taking a turn for the worse. After the Seventh turn it looked like we were on the ropes, though several alliances made prevented Telgar Weyr from being overrun, though Benden Weyr took several bad hits. The final three turns, ending on Turn 32, saw us win a moderate victory of sorts, and the game had some lovely interactions with some bargaining on the part of Benden Weyr and the Masterharper. Overall, an entertaining game, though I thought that I was going to get completely wiped out after my Weyr, High Reaches, was devasted. Still, I got bailed out by a couple of the other players (owing them huge favours, of course!), and manage to regather my forces. Just a fun game.

After Ellie went to sleep around 9:35 pm or so, we took out Britannia, and got into that game once again. (We hadn't played the game in some time, so it was enjoyable to get back to it.) We're using the first edition of the game, not the new version of the game, but it still plays very well. I played the purple (taking on the Romans/Romano-British, Scots, Dubliners, and Norwegians), and had a good game of it. I'm not going into detail on the whole game, but the final scores were as follows...

Purple (JohnK) 79
Green (Angela) 69
Red (Kathy) 86
Blue (David/Tom) 80

My best plays of the game came with the Scots and with the Norwegians, as I just didn't get a lot of luck on the dice with the Romans and then the Romano-British. Kathy got the win with her Brigantes/Irish/Saxons/Normans with some excellent play by the Saxons against the Angles, though David and Tom scored some good points against my Romans with their Belgae. *sigh*

Overall, a fun night of board gaming with the Friday night crew, but they're all looking forward to playing some Atlantis: The Second Age next weekend!


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