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Recap of Saturday

I've been up for several hours already on this Sunday morning.

Discovered early today that quinoa and I do not agree, and my bowels did not take kindly to the stuff. I had considered going for a walk again this morning, but my leg and ankle are pretty swollen this morning, so decided that I'd better not do that.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening just relaxing, doing nothing, finishing up my final CanGames 2014 wrap-up (you'll see that on my blog some time later today or this evening), watching a couple of PVR shows, and doing some work on new beasties and a scenario idea for the Primeval RPG.

The only thing of note that happened yesterday was when spross, who had dropped by the house, and I went to Dairy Queen for a smoothie. It turned out we encountered two little girls' soccer teams and their soccer moms and dads. It took a while to get in to the Dairy Queen to place the order, but the Orange Julius smoothie I had was definitely worth the wait.
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