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An Afternoon of Dominant Species

I spent the afternoon gaming with the Sunday gaming group.

Rather than playing a roleplaying game this week, it was decided that we would do a board game or two, and since I wasn't in the mood for Pandemic or Ticket To Ride (in any of its flavours), it was decided that we would play a game of Dominant Species.

This is one of those board games that, to be honest, defies definition when it comes down to it for me. I haven't played a game of Dominant Species since November of last year, and have actually quite missed playing this game to some extent. One of the things that I like about this game is that there are so many things going on in a game of Dominant Species, and that one has to try one's best to actually think ahead a Turn or two in order to maximise what one is doing - namely trying to win the game.

Tammy ended up playing the Insects, spross played the Reptiles, and I played the Amphibians. For a while, it looked as if I wasn't going to get anywhere, as there were no Water Elements being drawn at all! Naturally, they all started to come up towards the end of the game, but to be honest, I was worried before that. Sure, I had some Dominance cones in a few places (never actually having less than five (5) at any one time, but for a while there, I just couldn't Migrate and couldn't do much else, though I did go for the Grubs Element. I used some Glaciation to a good extent, and things went pretty well, but there were other factors that contributed to the game's outcome.

In any event, the final scores were as follows:

Tammy (Insects) 155
JohnK (Amphibians) 144
spross 130

Overall, a fun game of Dominant Species, and a good break from roleplaying for the week.


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