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Pondering Games for Conventions (CanGames 2015)

Just came home from work about ten minutes ago.

And I've been thinking a bit about roleplaying games this afternoon. Specifically, stuff that I will be running over the next little while.

With CanGames 2014 over and done, my gaming campaign will get back on track this coming weekend, with the start of the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign(s). I also see myself running Primeval during the coming year, as well as the new science fiction rpg River of Heaven (which I'm quite looking forward to). While I want to run some Yggdrasill as well, it's really a matter of time and the like, so we'll see how the coming year shapes up.

At the same time, I'm also thinking about conventions. While I won't be going to GenCon Indy this year or the next, barring a miracle (i.e., someone paying for my hotel and airfare), I'm considering what to run next year at CanGames 2015. I need to start thinking about the games I want to run at CanGames simply because I don't want to have to write the adventures again with less than a month left before the convnetion. Thus, I welcome any thoughts in this regard here in the Comments of my blog. :)
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