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Friday Night Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 5

Well, I finally got around to transcribing my game session notes from last night (Friday's) session with the Friday night gaming group. So here is the latest journal entry about the Friday night Atlantis: The Second Age based on last night's (May 30th) session. You can read about the previous game session and the previous actual play session in this journal entry here. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Sahauviia the Green (Kathy Bauer) - Atlantean Sorceress
Mahoo of Aquaga (Nick Roberts) - Ulukan Scout
Sadikar al Tarnufeh (Tom Robinson) - Gondwanan Scholar
Calfuray (Joanne Clarke) - Tamarac Herbalist
Koomara Hadansi (Angela Marsh) - Galacean Scavenger
Orgaskemisqak (David Matchuk) - Lemurian Craftsman
Melucene Palleremos (Ellie Bauer) - Hesperian Priestess-in-Training

20th Simanu, Year 506 Second Age (SA)

After a quick refresher course on the Atlantis: The Second Age game rules and the combat system, the players jumped back into the game...

It has been some ten (10) days since the Lady of Hesperia left the port of Tartessos and started to make her way towards the continent of Atlantis and the island of Mestea. The various Heroes have gotten better acquainted during the trip, but several distinct friendships seems to have arisen. Orgaskemisqak ((David) and Calfuray (Joanne) have bonded somewhat, and been talking together about all manner of herb lore and nature subjects. Koomara Hadansi (Angela) has befriended the young Melucene Palleremos (Ellie), and has been trying to ascertain more about the young woman's background; she's been hesitant to reveal all that much. Sadikar al Tarnufeh (Tom) has taken it upon himself to befriend both Mahoo of Aquaga (Nick) and Sahauviia the Green (Kathy), although the Atlantean has tried to remain somewhat aloof from the others, and the Ulukan (Owlman) has been relatively surly towards him. The captain of the Lady of Hesperia, Edvarn Frake, informs the Heroes that they should be arriving in Klymeus, the southernmost port of Mestea, within the next week to 10 days, depending on the currents and the winds.

However, the weather is not kind to the Heroes or their vessel. As evening descends, the Lady of Hesperia is battered by a storm of ferocious and deadly force. Morning finds the Heroes clinging to pieces of the wreckage of the ship. They have seemingly washed up on and near to what appears to be a coral reef of some sort, gusting winds and hard rains still battering them. Mahoo bemoans his fate, the owlman looking rather forlorn and wet as he clings to the flotsam and jetsam, and these sentiments are echoed by Orga, the Lemurian having a dislike/fear of the ocean. Wishing to take wing, he discovers that the wind is too strong for the moment, and his wings have lost much of their lift capability due to being wet. The determined Sahauviia nearby manages to invoke a spell using the winds, and is able to locate the other player characters, all clinging to debris. Calfuray has managed to rescue Sadikar, whose desert culture does not including swimming, and she manages to drag him to a nearby chunk of wood; she spots the others floating around near the coral reef, bobbing like leaves on the storm-swept water.

Making their way slowly towards each other, the Heroes finally gather at one of the edges of the coral reef. Glad to be alive but exhausted, the Heroes take stock of their equipment and surroundings, and realise they have just the basics of their belongings. Koomara is able to make out what appears to be the wreckage of the Lady of Hesperia, washed up on the reefs, but notices that there are several other beached vessels as well. The Heroes see no sign of their allies from the Lady, other than a few bloated corpses floating in the water nearby. Sadikar and Koomara notice that there is no sign of Padaru, Hevera, or the other children that they rescued from Tartessos (see the events of the previous scenario), but Melucene says she is convinced that they must be on board the wrecked Lady of Hesperia. As the wind and the rain abate somewhat, the Heroes decide to try and traverse the large coral reef in the area, and attempt to make their way to the wreckage of their vessel.

The trip to the Lady of Hesperia is fraught with danger, the slippery conditions and the weathered reef made even more dangerous by the winds. Mahoo is able to dry his wings somewhat, with the rain having ceased, and is able to fly the last 100 metres or so to the ship. When the rest of the Heroes arrive, they see that the Lady of Hesperia will not take them anywhere again - the ship has been mostly torn in two by the ravages of the storm, with massive holes in her hull and keel. Clambering aboard the wrecked vessel, the Heroes are pleased to find that Captain Frake and most of the crew have survived, as well as the children from Tartessos. Frake tells them the state of the ship, and asks the characters to undertake a mission for him - through a crack in the hull, he points out there is a small, single-masted ship run aground on the reef nearby. The eagle eyes of Mahoo allow him to see the keel is cracked in two places, and the mast is snapped near the middle. He requests the Heroes go to the wrecked ship and determine if anyone is left alive there, as it might be possible from what he sees to make the ship sea-worthy and use it to escape the reef. Agreeing to the plan, the Heroes gather up equipment that they feel might be needed for this quest. Melucene demands that Koomara and the others take her with them, and Orga points out that the girl's small size might be useful to them. The characters set out for the other ship.

As the Heroes make their way across the slippery reef, they find several bodies floating and partially lodged on the weathered reef. As they move past them, the group are attacked by a number of spider-like creatures with sea-weed like, calcified limbs with a translucent appearance to them. Sahauviia and Calfuray both recognise them from their time spent at sea - reef spiders, that feed and scavenge on the dead and occupy shallow points in the water and shoals and reefs. The ten vicious creatures attack the Heroes, who are sorely pressed to defend themselves due to the slippery conditions and the wind. Koomara slices through her spider with ease, her speed and skills serving her well, while Melucene is able to bat two of them away from her onto the blades of Orga's axe. Mahoo kills another pair with well-aimed arrow shots, even with the wind opposing him, while Sahauviia, Calfuray, and Sadikar adequately defend themselves, and after checking that they have taken no real damage from the creatures, continue on towards the single-masted ship.

As the Heroes reach the ship, they determine that she is a pirate sloop called the Zapporo's Folly. Several of the characters recognise the name of the ship, a Tharshi pirate ship known for its bad luck and hapless master, Captain Lorca. Cautiously boarding the ship, the Heroes come upon a man huddled in the sloop's stern, seemingly wild-eyed. Upon seeing the Heroes, he screams incoherently and charges at them brandishing a sword!

This was the start of the second adventure for the Friday night group of characters...oops, that's Heroes in this game the Antediluvian world. The session of Atlantis: The Second Age went extremely well with the player characters having to deal with the elements, their own fears and shortcomings, and a few creatures besides. Both Mahoo (Nick) and Orga (David) had problems with the watery environ, and Sadikar (Tom), the desert dweller!, had no fondness for it either. The players had a terrific time roleplaying this session, allowing themselves to get into character and deal with the situation they found themselves in, though the more martial characters got a bit of "pleasurable activity" in this one as well towards the end. The players commented that they enjoyed themselves quite a bit in this one, though Nick and David mentioned that they weren't sure I was going to let them off "easily" in the storm scene. In any event, I had a thoroughly enjoyable game session with the Friday night gamers, and am now looking forward to see how things shape up next Friday.
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