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A Long Thursday

Had a very long day today.

I have worked from home today, as I needed to take most of the afternoon off to go and have an appointment at the Footcare clinic and then go to the hospital to have blood work done before I see the ENT specialist.

At the Footcare appointment, my usual practitioner wasn't there, so I had someone else looking after my feet. For now, so far so good. Feet hurting after treatment, as per usual.

At the hospital, the blood tests were done without any muss or fuss, though they did take 10 vials of blood for the various tests the ENT specialist wanted done.

I came home, and took a nap, after having a bit of protein (in the form of an Angus beef burger). I felt much better after the "snack", and then got involved over on Twitter for the Thursday #RPGchat conversation. Lot of fun with it.

Have since done some laundry, and am starting to consider what to eat for supper this evening.
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