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Body of Proof Marathon

I've been feeling somewhat ill and down in the dumps for most of the day, and so with my gaming afternoon scrapped for reasons found in the previous post, I needed to figure out what to do for the day.

In any event, I did. I have just spent the day and most of the evening watching the first ten episodes of Body of Proof, Season 3. Yep, that's right, I started around 1:00 pm this afternoon, and finished up the first ten episodes on the first two discs of the 3-disc set about 20 minutes ago. Yes, I did walk around a bit during the episodes and took time to make supper and the like, and had a good time watching the stories.

I still feel somewhat ill and a bit down in the dumps, but had a good day watching these episodes. And it's still a crime and a travesty that ABC cancelled Body of Proof to begin with. :(
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