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Post-Provincial Election Friday

It's Friday morning.

Another wet, heavy and humid day here in the Ottawa valley.

It's the morning after the Ontario provincial election. You can read more about the results of the election in all kinds of places, so all I will say is that the Liberals came away with a majority government, and the Conservatives and the NDP are just shaking their heads and wondering where they went so wrong this time out.

All I have to say is that we'll see over the next four years whether the Liberals come through on their promises and stuff.

In the meantime, I'm just glad the election is over. No more tasteless adverts on tv. No more phone calls in the middle of dinner preparation (or at dinner itself) by the various parties about who I'm going to vote for. No more tasteless signs all over the place. Sometimes I think these elections, both provincial and federal, are more about the hype than the actual stances on various issues by the political candidates.
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