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Afternoon of Character Creation and Painful Foot Spasms

It has been a long afternoon, to say the least.

As I was nearing the end of lunch, spross showed up at the house.

He had come out to try and finish his re-creation of the character for the Atlantis: The Second Age game on Sunday. SteveR decided that he didn't want to play the spellcaster that he'd created for the game, and so we started to do the new character on the phone earlier in the week. (Wednesday, if I remember correctly.) We didn't finish it then, but neither of us had time the rest of the week, and so spross came by this afternoon before an evening work shift to work on the character.

He's created a Scythian adventurer who's got an interesting backstory, though whether he can play it and make it shine through the course of the game is another matter. We haven't quite finished; we need to do the character's equipment and weapons, and SteveR needs to come up with the character's Destiny and Fate, but so far, so good.

In the meantime, I've been suffering this afternoon from painful, electric spasms in the right side of my left foot that have left me feeling miserable. They don't stop, they don't ease up, and I can't seem to get any relief from them.

For now, time to start making supper.
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