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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 1 Redux Doubled

I had a good afternoon of gaming this afternoon with the Sunday gaming group today.

As mentioned earlier, I was just getting ready to start the Atlantis: The Second Age gaming campaign with the Sunday players, but spross still had to finish up the final bits of character creation involving his equipment, weapons, and his Destiny and Fate.

Once that was done, Tammy was getting a bit impatient to set to in the game system, and so things progressed to the point where once I was finished with SteveR's character, we got into some samples of combat so that his adventurer character could get a feel for combat as well. Besides, Tammy needed some more practice, since she rarely plays a combat-oriented character as she is with this game.

Suffice to say, the afternoon went really well for them both. Tammy's character got to fight several foes of differing combat skill, and I thought that she did a really good job against them, taking the fight to them. spross, on the other hand, took on the same opponents, and it was clear that his combat abilities just aren't on a par with Tammy's character's, except when it comes to taking on mooks. We did some more sample combats, and after I illustrated the sword & sorcery principle of the loot the Heroes getting being frittered away, and its possible aftermath, we finished up gaming for the afternoon.

Both players seemed to have a good time of it, and I like to think that Tammy and spross learned a bit about the Atlantis: The Second Age combat mechanics and their application the last couple of game sessions.

I'm certainly looking forward to next Sunday's game session, and the start of actual play. Goddess willing.
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