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Atlantis Theragraphica Kickstarter Needs Some Help

For those who are interested in roleplaying games, the Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game's third and final Kickstarter book, Atlantis: Theragraphica (the bestiary), is in its final week.

While the book has managed to reach its funding goal of $7.5K, the book could really use some more support to reach the $10K level of funding to transform the book from a softcover, black & white book to a full colour hardcover book, like the previous main rule book and atlas of the Antediluvian world book. Here's the link:

Atlantis: Theragraphica Kickstarter

And for those interested, the Kickstarter for the Theragraphica has several levels where backers can acquire the main rulebook and the Geographica as well, though the bestiary itself will have all kinds of strange and wonderful beasties that you could throw into your other fantasy or not-fantasy roleplaying games.
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