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A Rough Tuesday

Wednesday. Hump Day.

I'm glad that Tuesday is over, as between my suffering from allergies and some of the weather we had here in Ottawa, it was also a somewhat stressful day and evening.

To start with, I had an accident at work. I needed to go down one floor for some business reasons, and rather than take the elevator, I figured I'd take the stairs. Exercise and all that good stuff. To make things succinct, suffice it to say that I had a dizzy spell, lost my balance, and took a tumble down the stairs. I hurt my left leg, and cracked my right elbow pretty hard, but nothing seemed to be broken, and with the help of a co-worker, I was able to get back upstairs to the office and my work area. I spent some time in the bathroom just checking myself out, but after talking to my boss, I decided to take the rest of the day off and headed home. When I got home, I took some pain killers and lay down for a while and took a nap.

The day got worse, however, as I was to find out. My sister is visiting from down in the U.S., and she and my mother had gone out to take care of various errands. I got a phone call from Diana around 3:00 pm or so to tell me that mom was in the hospital. They had stopped at the curb so mom could get out of the car, and unfortunately as my mother got out of the car, Diana's foot slipped off the brake or some such (I'm unclear as to what happened), and the car moved, dragging my mom with it. I'm glad to report that mom suffered no head trauma, but banged her hip a bit (though nothing is broken), and got a cut on her arm, but she and Diana got back to mom's house around 8:15 pm last night.

In any event, I woke up this morning somewhat bruised and battered by my experience on the stairs, and am hurting in several places. I decided to come in to the office and work for the morning, and then see how I'm doing. My right arm is throbbing a lot, and my left leg hurts more than it's been doing, but I'm probably going to take an early afternoon. Mom is doing relatively fine, though she's hurting in places, has bruises coming out on her shoulder and hip, and she's functioning today with pain meds in her.

Suffice to say, Tuesday is a day I'd like to forget.
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