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Yesterday's ENT Specialist Appointment

Friday morning. The end of the work week.

As mentioned in this blog entry yesterday morning, I had my appointment with the ENT specialist yesterday, finally.

The appointment was pretty much what I expected it to be, and yielded a few results. The two glands on the left side of my neck and throat are definitely swollen, but the problem doesn't appear to be my ears. The doctor was somewhat displeased to see that the ultrasound test results on the affected area are from almost two years ago! She did surprise me by running a tube through my nose and down my throat to check things out, and other than some irritation in the throat (which may be my GERD or perhaps allergy irritation, she wasn't sure).

In any event, based on my symptoms and the like, she sent me for some blood tests to check out a few things (which I took care of after leaving the office, though it also involved a urine sample to my surprise), and she'll be arranging for a CT of the left side of my head, neck, and throat area, as soon as possible. The next appointment will be some time after the CT scan, and she wants to do a hearing test on me as well, given some of the symptoms I've had. She talked to me about some of the stuff that might be going on but she also reassured me by ruling out some stuff and conditions as well.

So all in all, a decent doctor's appointment, where some positive stuff came out of it.
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