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Blake's 7 Resurrection

As noted in this Blake's 7 Poised for Sky Comeback report, as brought to my attention by angusabranson, there are plans afoot on the part of UK satellite network Sky One to resurrect the brilliant Blake's 7 television series.

I fell in love with Blake's 7 the first time I saw it because of its dark tone, moral ambiguity, and the characterizations of the main players, and remember being horrified at the surprise, shock ending that wrapped up the series. Whiile I can see the dark tone being...upgraded...due to the current world in which we live, I really hope that it doesn't go overboard and all.

However, that leads to the question of who you would cast in the main roles for the new series? I mean, who would play Avon the way Paul Darrow did, or Jacqueline Pearce's Servalan? And what do you do for casting Blake, Jenna, Gan, and the rest?

Definitely going to keep my eyes on this story as it develops.
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