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A Busy Monday Morning

Monday morning.

The start of the work week. This is the first break I've had today, as the morning has been pretty busy here at work. Not surprising, as it usually is Monday mornings.

Nothing much to report in the way of things. The weather today is promising another warm, humid day in the Ottawa valley, and it was 20oC when I left the house today. Not really fond of hot, humid weather, but what are you gonna do?

My left ankle and leg have not recovered from the excessive walking that I did on Saturday afternoon, and while it was good to get out and about (a bit of exercise, in that sense), I'm still paying for it two days later.

In gaming news, I ran two successful sessions of Atlantis: The Second Age this weekend. While I will be blogging the game sessions, it'll take me a bit to get to them as I've got a few other things on the go. And on the Atlantis front, the Atlantis: Theragraphica Kickstarter (the third book in the game series, this one the bestiary book) wrapped up late yesterday afternoon, and I'm pleased that the book got the funding to go full colour hardcover. This is excellent, as it means that all three books - the main rulebook, the Geographica, and the Theragraphica - will be matching full colour hardcovers. Yay! :)

For now, back to work.
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