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Home for the Weekend, and Gaming Thoughts

Well, that was a long work day.

The hot weather has not helped my disposition today, and to be honest, my boss was in a foul mood that made the day even worse.

That said, it's Friday! Which means the weekend is here!

Which also means I'll be gaming with the Friday night group this evening. I'm rather looking forward to this evening, as I'll be continuing the Atlantis: The Second Age game tonight with my players (I was gonna call them my Friday nighters, but knightbane told me earlier today that sounds like a punk band!, so I decided against that).

Since next week also features my 59th birthday, tonight marks the last Friday night where I'll be GMing for the gaming group until August, as my friend Nick will be running something for July as his (and the group's) present to me. (I hope.) Looking forward to being a player.

But I'm also looking forward to running the game tonight. :)
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