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As promised, the latest game session blog entry.

Here is the latest journal entry about the Friday night Atlantis: The Second Age game from last night. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry here. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

24th Du'uzu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

The player Heroes decide to split their forces, as there is quite a bit of ground to cover. Sahauviia the Green (Kathy), Sadikar al Tarnufeh (Tom), and Koomara Hadansi (Angela) decide to go to Lord Eleus's and speak to his butler directly, while Calfuray (Joanne), Mahoo of Aquaga (Nick), and Orgaskemisqak (David) choose to speak to the two guards at greater length at the guard barracks. The two groups of Heroes set off on their respective tasks.

Reaching the guard barracks, Calfuray and Mahoo ask Cleon out for a drink, while Orga remains behind at the barracks and asks a few more questions of those who know Cleon and Pellos. The Lemurian runs into the obstacle of his race's nature working against him when dealing with the Mestean guards, though they are willing to tell him a bit. He learns that it was Pellos who assigned the guards for cemetary duty, and his suspicions are somewhat kindled and then confirmed, as several others tell him that Pellos has been acting somewhat strangely of late; however, they don't know why. One of the guards, McKell, tells Orga that Pellos has been known to gamble quite a bit, but doesn't know if this may or may not be part of the matter. Meanwhile, Calfuray and Mahoo are seated with Cleon at the Chulager Tavern, within a block or so of the guard barracks. Talking to him, as they ply him with a bit of drink, his story becomes less and less coherent. Cleon says he's sure he didn't hear a noise; it was Pellos. Cleon also reveals that Pellos is something of an inveterate gambler, but that he's been rather relaxed about it the last few days, though every so often, Cleon has spotted him looking around nervously. They return to the barracks, and join Orga, and compare notes. They decide they need to talk to Lord Iphios about their suspicions, and begin the trip to his manor.

As they are heading for Lord Iphios's manor, Calfuray spots Uncas, a prominent dealer in illegal goods (she knows him from past dealings, one in the relatively recent past), to whom she owes funds. Attempting to avoid him, she slips into the shadows, but the sharp-eyed Uncas spots her. Uncas is pleased to see the Tamarac herbalist. When she says she can't pay him at the moment due to lack of funds, though she's working on it, Uncas says he has a proposition for her: he has a contact willing to buy information about the tomb desecrations, and that would reduce her debt to him significantly. However, Calfuray refuses. Mahoo and Orga return to her side, and Uncas skulks off, avoiding the andaman and the Lemurian. They continue on their way.

Sahauviia, Sadikar, and Koomara reach Eleus the Xth's estate, to find that it is somewhat dilapidated. Knocking at the front door, they have a bit of a wait, but it is finally answered. The door opens to reveal Elestos, Eleus's butler, who looks remarkably similar to Lord Eleus, a fact that amuses him when Sadikar mentions it. Sahauviia explains why they have come, and while Elestos is reluctant to talk to them for some reason, he agrees to do so. Elestos confirms that the messenger arrived way too early in the morning to speak to his master, and told him that Eleus's family mausoleum had been broken into, and that Lord Iphios would be at the tomb shortly. He describes the messenger, whose name he doesn't know, as "very short, extremely ugly, with a very large, twisted nose. Very ugly." Sadikar assures Elestos that any comments about the service will be given full consideration. Elestos also mentions that another family's mausoleum, Lord Myndas's, has also been broken into. When asked, Elestos tells Koomara that they should talk to Xeneus about the messenger there, as he would probably have answered the door at that hour. Getting directions from Elestos, the Heroes thank him and then head for Lord Myndas's house.

Arriving at Lord Myndas's house, the Heroes see that it is both larger and much better maintained. The Atlantean servant who answers the door superciliously directs Sahauviia, Sadikar, and Koomara to the servant's entrance and the kitchen, and while Sahauviia is rather annoyed at this treatment, they easily find Xeneus, who turns out to be a fearful man that they easily intimidate. His description of the messenger is the same as Elestos's. Koomara thanks him, and adds that the messenger is a dangerous criminal. Xeneus is outraged that a criminal came to his master's door, but is even more shocked when Koomara says that sometimes she's a criminal herself... She tells him not to breathe a word of this to anyone, and he agrees, still outraged for more reasons than one. The three decide that they need to speak to Lord Iphios, as the messenger is the likely suspect. The same man, he knew too much, knew which tombs had been broken into,and that Iphios was going to be at the tomb soon. Sahauviia and Sadikar comment that this messenger was seeking confrontations between the nobility and Lord Iphios.

The Heroes meet up at Iphios's palace. Orga and Sahauviia begin to mention their concerns about Pellos, but Iphios cuts him short, explaining that the veteran Pellos has been aiding and teaching the young Cleon, who is a politically expedient hire, a relative of some Lord, and one which Iphios now seems to regret. At the Heroes' 1uestioning, Iphios admits that he had not sent any messengers to inform Eleus Xth or Myndas of the tomb break-ins. This confirms the Heroes' suspicions that the ugly messenger is their key to unlocking the puzzle. They begin to speculate aloud as to the cause of the robberies. Orga asks Sahauviia if she knows of any magical purpose to which the bones could be put, but the sorceress hesitates to say anything, though she says that she will look into this. Iphios is of the opinion that this may be an attempt by a more devious Lord of the City to discredit him in order to elevate their own progeny to his post. His biggest headache is one Lord Demios, as he suspects that the other Lord has the most to gain from Iphios's current difficulties. The Heroes take their leave of Lord Iphios.

As they travel through the streets, concocting plans and discussing the matter, Sadikar's instincts and Koomara's senses warn them of the approach of a large group of armed men, wearing shoddy armour and carrying swords. The leader of the men, wearing what appears to be a family crest, tells the characters they've been looking into matters that they shouldn't be, and then the ruffians attack. The Heroes battle the ruffians, who despite their decent combat skills, are no match for the Heroes. Sadikar and Calfuray take a couple of minor wounds, but the Heroes leave the ruffians lying dead on the ground. Searching the bodies, Calfuray finds the leader's house crest. None of the Heroes know to which Klymeus family the symbol belongs, but Orga rips the crest right off the man's jacket and says that he's definitely going to find out...

Sahauviia tells the Heroes that she needs to go and see someone about some information, and the others agree to this, although they have her take Mahoo with her. She's reluctant to do so, but Mahoo is willing to go with the Atlantean sorceress. She goes to one of the small Klymeus institutes of learning, and meets with Agarato, a scholar in the city, and one with a good deal of knowledge about various subjects that she considers "street knowledge". Agarato tells her that he knows something of what she wishes information about, but says that he wants a cut if he's to tell her anything, though Mahoo perceives that he's terrified as well. When he brings that up, Agarato tells the owlman that he's not scared for his health - he's scared for the possible consequences of what's going on. Agarato tells Sahauviia and Mahoo that the bones were taken by someone with ties to the Klymeus Astrologer's Guild; he says he doesn't know who exactly, but he may be able to ask some questions around the Observatory.

Meanwhile, Sadikar, Calfuray, Koomara, are led by Orga, and surprised as he leads them back to Lord Myndas's house. Orga hammers on the kitchen entrance, and tells the scullion who answers that they want to see Xeneus. A fearful Xeneus approaches the Heroes, and Orga grabs him and pulls him outside. The group tells Xeneus they need his help; since he's one of the few who can identify the messenger, they want his assistance. Orga, Calfuray, and Koomara are able to "convince" him to help them. With Xeneus in tow ("He'll be back later," Orga tells the scullion, "as we need his services now!"), the player characters head for the various inns, taverns, and other watering holes down dock-side. Calfuray comments that it could be a long night.

As noted in the previous post, the Friday night game of Atlantis: The Second Age went pretty well, I thought. I will add here that the scenario right now is in the investigative part, I guess you could call it, but that in sword & sorcery tradition, the fighting and violence will show up sooner rather later. :) I won't be running the game again for around a month ('cause I'll be getting to play some rpg or other, I hope!), but the players are definitely looking forward to getting back to it. And they're glad they've taken a few notes about the plot and all! :)

Time for a cup of hot tea!


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