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Sunday Morning, and Gaming Thoughts

Sunday morning. The last Sunday in June.

It's going to be another hot, humid day here in the Ottawa valley for the long weekend. I am fortunate to have air conditioning in the house. ::knock on wood::

I'll be spending the afternoon gaming with the Sunday group (can two players be considered a gaming group?), as I continue on with the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign game. This will potentially be the last game that I run on Fridays and Sundays until August, as I will hopefully be a player for the month of July! Looking forward to it.

I may be GMing on Wednesday nights, as I've got three new players (including Donna from work) who will be creating characters for the game on Wednesday night. Whether they actually decide to play a roleplaying game will depend on what happens Wednesday and the following Wednesday (which will be the first session of actual play). If they do play, Donna told me that it would be most likely every second week. Real Life(tm) and all that. Anyway, we'll see how that works out.

In the meantime, I need to do some work to get ready to run Atlantis: The Second Age this afternoon, take a sitz bath (like I said, another hot, muggy day), and then make some lunch.
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