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Sunday's Game Session of Atlantis

Sunday afternoon gaming is done for the day.

This afternoon, I ran the Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game with Tammy and spross. I had a pretty good afternoon of it with the two players, and managed to finish the game sesion on a cliffhanger of sorts - a good thing, since hopefully this will be the last session of Atlantis that I run on Sundays until the start of August, as spross will (hopefully) be running for the month of July.

This afternoon's game session went quite well, I thought, though there was a bit of off-topic chatter and diversion at times throughout the session, and I blame myself for it somewhat, and should have curbed this a bit better. (Yes, Tammy, I know what you're going to say...) The game session had no combat, though there was some interesting game elements to the session, and the cliffhanger left both players with the promise of some fighting to come in the next session. I'll be blogging up the game notes on the session sometime later tonight, but more likely some time tomorrow, for those who are really interested in knowing what happened. (There are some folks, I hope...)

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the afternoon's session, and am looking forward to the next one. Atlantis: The Second Age is satisfying to run, has mechanics that are simple enough for me to remember most of the basic, central ones, and the game system doesn't really get in the way of the roleplaying.

In the meantime, I'm heading upstairs to make some evening supper. :)
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