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Last Day of June

Another hot, muggy day in the Ottawa valley today.

Since tomorrow is Canada Day, I decided to take today off as a holiday, thus giving me a four-day weekend. Between the heat, the humidity, and some of the other stuff going on in my life (notably health-wise), I figure I've earned some time off.

I spent yesterday afternoon gaming with the Sunday group, as we continued the Atlantis: The Second Age rpg campaign, and had a good time with that. (Yes, I'll be doing up a blog entry on the game session as soon as I've transcribed the session notes.) I watched the Season 3 debut of Unforgettable after supper last night, and rather enjoyed that. It remains one of my favourite tv shows out there, and I'm hoping that the series gets a renewal for a fourth season.

I'm planning to spend a restful day today, puttering around the house, doing some laundry, changing linen, and some reading and some writing and the like. Might even watch a couple of DVD things, if I have the chance and feel like it.

I don't have anything planned for Canada Day, though things may or may not happen, depending. I can't say I wouldn't mind a quiet Canada Day watching DVDs or whatever, maybe doing some reading. Just want to enjoy some quiet time. And a little less heat and humidity, please!
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