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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 3

The Sunday afternoon gaming group has started their campaign of the Atlantis: The Second Age. Here is the most recent game session journal about the Sunday gaming group. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

9th Simanu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

Hylacea (NPC) leads Alethia (Tammy), Marek (SteveR), and Macco (NPC) into the hills, where she tells them that she and some others have a camp. Marek has trouble keeping up due to his injuries, but he remains stubborn. When Alethia asks Hylacea to slow down, pointing out "her friend's" injured, the Hesperian obviously doesn't think of him as a friend, and when she talks to Marek, he says he'll keep up with them just fine.

The Heroes and their new allies reach a rocky outcropping where they can make out three people, and what appears to be a firepit. Alethia makes out that they are two men and a woman, though the latter wears a hooded robe that conceals her features. One of the men and the woman rise, drawing weapons, but are reassured about the Heroes by Hylacea. The male, Gerix (a large man, broad, with a huge sword and a great axe) recognises Macco as being Gorgon and identifies Marek as a [Hellenized] Scythian. The second male rises, and is revealed as an extremely tall Cimmerian with reddish brown hair and a large, 2-handed sword. Alethia and Marek introduce themselves, Macco tells them his name, and the Heroes learn that the Cimmerian is called Barakin. The woman is revealed as a tall Nubian, with some grey in her hair, wears hooped earrings, and carries an ornamental spear. She tells them her name is Metusi, but she is revealed under the robes to be dressed in a somewhat Hesperian style. Seeing his injuries, Metusi beckons Marek over, and says she can heal his injuries with a healing broth. As he approaches her, she magically lights the fire with but a gesture.

After exchanging pleasantries and small talk, the Heroes and their new friends talk about the numbers at the fort and their make-up. Hylacea and the others tell Alethia and Marek there is an Andamen army; there are 2 Ahl-At-Rab lieutenants, 35 other mixed Andamen, and 75 humans from the Red Darama mercenary company. Hylacea says she can get them in to the fort, but is just not sure they'll be able to get out. Alethia and Marek learn that Eridu, the Lemurian, wears the Talisman of Koracq at his belt and never lets it out of his sight. The Hesperian says that the Talisman consists of a 20-cms. long handle of ornamental bone, with a glowing blue orb at the top contained and encased in eight rings of shiny yellow metal
(think an egg whisk).

They are interrupted, as Merusi says that the healing brew is ready. She tells Marek that the draught may have some side effects, but that regardless she offers it to him with three warnings: It's quite foul smelling, so hold his nose while he takes it; drink it as fast as possible; and don't let the worm rest in his mouth. As he quaffs the draught, Marek's skull glows and becomes visible to the others, much to Alethia's surprise and utter dislike. After he quaffs the brew, as each wound is healed, the location glows skeletally, causing Alethia to step back in horror, fearful of what she perceives as Dark Arts in the fashioning of the healing draught.

The next morning dawns crisp and clear, though it had rained the night before. Alethia rises, and sees Merusi standing over her, watching. Merusi apologises for startling her, and they have a talk about Alethia's concerns about the use of dark magics in making the draught, and the possible price to be paid for it. She agrees to allow the Nubian shaman to heal some of her own wounds, through the use of needle and thread.

Marek wakes, having had some bizarre dreams, and notices the rest of the characters are all up and about, and that Merusi is treating Alethia's injuries. He cleans his weapons. The Cimmerian, Barakin, comes over and questions his bathing habits, comparing his stink to that of a Formorian. He tells Marek that until he bathes, he won't be eating with the rest of the group; the stench would turn him off his food. Marek asks if there's somewhere to bathe, and is told by Gerix that there's a stream less than 100 metres from them. After being given directions, the Scythian goes to wash himself.

After the morning meal, Hylacea tells Gerix, Merusi, and Barakin that she'll meet them in Tartessos when she can. Once her friends have left, Hylacea, Alethia, Merak, and Macco set off, and the Hesperian talks with them. She tells them that she can get them in through the secret entrance, but that bow and thrown weapons likely won't be effective there. When Merak questions this, she says that he's going to have to kill some of the men and women that he befriended there. He tells her that he'll be able to do the job, the same as she'll have to do. Alethia has a chat with Macco, to find out how he's doing. He tells her that he doesn't want the Gorgons getting hold of the Talisman, and tells Hylacea that once that's destroyed, they'll have to see where they stand.

As they continue to talk as they travel, Macco tells the others that they've got a problem, and gestures towards the hills. Alethia spots what appears to be a shadowy figure moving, and finally sees what might be three scouts or a patrol from the Red Darama mercenary group. She gestures to Macco to signal him, and he and the others seek cover. Alethia manages to partially sneak up on the man she saw, but he spots her and turns to face her, weapon drawn...

I don't really have much more to say than I wrote in the previous post about the game session. This game session of Atlantis: The Second Age went pretty well, though there was a bit too much talk on tangential subjects, but the players had a good time. And that's all that counts.

I'm looking forward to the next game session, hopefully some time in August, but for now am looking forward to a break from the Friday and Sunday GM sessions and getting to actually play for a bit. :)
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