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My Canada Day, 2014

Yesterday was Canada Day, for those who missed it.

To be honest, I didn't miss it so much as I decided that I was going to take the day relatively easy and relax at home. That, and catching up with a few things.

I started the day relatively uneventfully, actually quite mundanely, and did a bit of cleaning in the house, vacuuming upstairs and the lower level hall. I started reading a new book (for me, anyway), Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait by K.A. Bedford, and am rather enjoying the story. I had a light lunch, as the heat and the humidity were getting to me a bit even in the house.

I spent the early afternoon watching the NHL Free Agency period open, as TSN had decent coverage of that. July 1st is the start of the NHL Free Agency period, and it lived up the hype. I'll blog about that later. I did spend the late afternoon and early evening drafting up the basic idea for a new scenario for the Atlantis: The Second Age game, and that looks pretty good so far. Finally, the evening itself was spent watching another couple of episodes of Primeval: New World on DVD. I have to say that the series is so much more complete in its feel on DVD, as there are deleted scenes that didn't make it into the aired episodes on Space that give meaning to stuff that was left unclear when it aired. The two episodes that I watched, "Truth" and "Breakthrough", are somewhat pivotal episodes in the 13-episode run, so it was good to watch them again and have them make a lot more sense.

After watching the two episodes of Primeval: New World, I went to bed, the sound of fireworks going off still echoing from outside, and read for about 20 minutes or so before turning off the light.

All in all, a decent Canada day with nothing really exciting going on. A pretty enjoyable day when all is said and done.
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