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Gaming on Wednesday Night in the Antediluvian World

As mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I've got a potential gaming group on Wednesday nights as I've got three new players (including Donna from the office) who met last night for the first time to game with me. While they'll be playing somewhat (but see below) next Wednesday night, whether this game continues will depend on what happens at next week's session.

Last night, the three players and I got together, and they created their characters for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG. First, a bit of information about the three players. Donna is my co-worker, and she's played in several of the PBeM games I've run in the past. She has never gamed in the past before this, though she has played a few board games. She's wanted to try face-to-face rpging for a while now (especially after browsing through some of the rpg rulebooks I've brought with me to work),and since her husband, David, has wanted to get into rpging for a bit now as well, and with David's interest in the sword & sorcery genre, they felt that this was the appropriate time. David works in the teaching/education industry, but he's been big into on-line computer gaming for years, though he stopped rpging when he was in his mid-teens. Their friend, Kendall, was a gamer when she was younger, but Real Life(tm) got in the way of her gaming, though she's wanted to rpg again for some time. Like I said, opportunity has knocked.

In any event, the players showed up at my place last night around 6:45 pm, and after sitting down and chatting a bit and with introductions all around, I talked to the three of them about roleplaying, what it (usually) entails, a bit about the sword & sorcery genre and then the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG. By around 7:20 pm or so, they were ready to start in on character creation for the game system.

Suffice it to say, the three players grasped the central concepts pretty well, and character generation went very smoothly for the most part, with just a couple of kinks to iron out here and there. I went through each step of the character generation process with the players - Character Concept, Race, Culture, Profession, Walk the Life Paths, and Other Details - and the players managed to create their characters by around 9:30 pm or so. Lovely stuff.

Here's a brief idea of what the player created for their themselves...

Donna - She decided to create a non-human character, and went for a Balam (jaguar woman) named Kandaja the Lean. She's a thief and taker of valuables with a price on her head, unwanted affections from a human, and an interesting set of skills.

David - He decided that he wanted to go with a classic stereotype of the sword & sorcery genre, and created Pekkar, a Cimmerian pirate, who lost his ship through an act of revenge, and pines for the seas once more. His past is trying to catch up to him.

Kendall - She was thinking a bit out of the box, and wanted to create a Tamarac adventurer, Salali, who has a bit of a curious streak, travels for the adventure, but has a family back home. A lot of interesting experiences for this character (through the Life Paths), and she looks like she'll be fun to play.

Overall, a really neat mix of characters, and not a spellcaster/mage among them. None of the players wanted to play with magic, as the sword & sorcery genre isn't full of spellcasting Heroes, and they decided to be faithful to that concept.

We had about twenty minutes left before we had agreed to finish gaming for the night, so Donna, David, and Kendall all thought it would be fun to do a couple of sample combats to see how that game mechanics set worked. Things went pretty smoothly in this regard, and they were all surprised at how well the game mechanics worked and how easy combat was rendered. (Though they got confused somewhat about a couple of the combat conventions.)

All three players loved the basic mechanics of the Atlantis: The Second Age game, finding the basic rules and the Degree of Difficulty (DoD) mechanics easy to grasp. They seemed to have a good evening, and when we were finished for the night, agreed that they wanted to continue on with the game next week, though they did decide that they wanted some more combat examples, as "practicing how to keep yourself alive is never a bad thing" (David's words).

Personally, this was a game session that I found quite fun and enjoyable overall, and am looking forward to next Wednesday night's game. After that, we'll see what we shall see. They're looking forward to playing Atlantis: The Second Age. I'm pretty much looking forward to running the game, too!
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