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Birthday Report 2014

So, yesterday was my birthday. What did I do? Not much, to be honest.

Woke up in the morning and went to work, since I didn't have the day off seeing as it was a Thursday. I had taken off Monday so as to have a long, 4-day weekend when added to Canada Day, so couldn't really take off the extra day.

The weather in Ottawa was nice and cool yesterday, quite comfy actually for a summer day, and unusual in regards to July 3rds of the past. Still, I can't complain. I felt pretty good for most of the day, other than the pollen aspect. Work was pretty uneventful for the most part, though I went out with Donna and a couple of other co-workers and we went to Harvey's. I had an Angus burger with a bottle of water for lunch, and Donna had a couple of lemon with poppyseed cupcakes that the three of us split for "dessert" when we returned to the office.

Came home from work, and found that my mom had left me the birthday cards from her and my sister. Diana always gets me humourous cards, and this year was no exception. I had a few e-mails and best wishes for my birthday from several of my friends, and spent a bit of time talking with Tammy (whose birthday is the day before mine!).

Supper was a simple affair of crispy chicken, with salad, some brussel sprouts, and a baked sweet potato. Yummy! I spent the evening watching the final four episodes of the Primeval New World series, and the special features on the final disc. Lovely stuff. Re-watching the series on DVD really brought home how good the show had the potential to be; I'm still convinced that Bell Media and the Space channel should have given it a second series, but...

I got to bed around 10:15 pm last night, and read for about thirty-five minutes before turning off the lights and falling asleep rather quickly (for a change).
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