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A Saturday Morning's Thoughts

I woke up bright and early this morning, and felt a bit tired, but not all that bad considering.

The Friday night gaming session (more on that in another post) broke up around 11:35 pm last night, so I actually got into bed before 12:30 pm for a change on a Friday night, and managed to get some rest. Though my head is still pounding somewhat with the allergies and all.

I've already showered and have just finished breakfast, and am waiting for Nick to show up. We're going to go over to the Farm Boy out in the east to do some (early) morning grocery shopping (mostly vegetables in my case, but a few other things as well).

I don't have any real plans for the rest of the day, other than to perhaps finish statting up some beasties and the like for the Primeval RPG, and possibly doing some reading or maybe some DVD watching. It's kind of nice not having to work on getting stuff ready for a game that I'm running, given that I'm playing for the month of July in both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups, though I am running Atlantis: The Second Age on Wednesday night.

Looking forward to the rest of the day.
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