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Hump Day Thoughts

It's Wednesday. Hump Day, as it's affectionately known.

It's a relatively cool day here in the Ottawa valley today, heading for a high of around 21oC, really cool for this time of year. A bit of rain in the forecast, but nothing to catastrophic weather-wise.

Work is somewhat busy this morning, though I suspect it'll ease off a bit by the afternoon. After work, I'll going for a haircut as my tresses (such as they are) are getting a bit long. This means that the little hair I have left will become a bit less. :)

This evening seems promising, however. Donna, her husband, and their friend will be out to game tonight, and I'll be taking the trio of newbies through their first session of Atlantis: The Second Age. Looking forward to that, and hoping that the three of them decide they want to keep playing the game after tonight. Now, if only my copy of the Atlantis: Geographica would actually be sent out somehow, I'd be happy.

Meanwhile, back to work.
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