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New Month

May 1st. A new month. In some ways, I'm grateful that April is over and done with.

I'll talk more about the month that it was later today, but for now...

May promises to be one very busy month. Mother's Day is coming up the weekend of May 10th. Have to make a few arrangements for that day. The Victoria Day weekend of May 16th - 18th is the annual CanGames gaming convention here in Ottawa, where I am going to be running two different rpgs, Greymalkin Designs's Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg and the Exile Games Hollow Earth Expedition Pulp action rpg set against the backdrop of the 1930s. Need to finish up a few things for the two games for the convention, but thank Goddess the scenarios themselves are ready to go. And finally, joy of joys, I get to experience my three-month diabetes check-ups with my doctor and at the Diabetes Clinic.

Long, interesting month ahead... :)
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