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Thursday Morning Thoughts

Sitting in the office this Thursday morning, lamenting the fact that I can't walk in the sunshine and cool weather even if I want to (given the problems with my left leg and ankle). Ah, well... enough work to keep me busy.

Had a decent day yesterday, and gamed with the new Wednesday night group. They played their first actual session of Atlantis: The Second Age last night, and had a good enough time that they've decided to make it a regular thing, likely two to three times per month. I'll blog about the game session later today, but suffice to say it was an enjoyable game session with some interesting happenings.

Not a lot else is happening in my life at the moment (which is a good thing, in many ways), other than the health issues that I'm waiting to resolve, but I still haven't heard back on doctor appointments and some scheduling of tests and the like. I plan on doing a bit of reading when I get home today, and possibly taking a hot shower to relax my back somewhat (I had some back spasms near my neck yesterday evening). That, and I have to remember to hydrate enough today.
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