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Friday Night's HEX Gaming, Part 1

I had a lovely evening gaming with the Friday night group last night.

As mentioned in this previous post, Nick is running the Hollow Earth Expedition (hereafter HEX) game system. I'm actually getting to *play* in the game, which is making for a nice change.

After everyone had arrived by about 7:10 pm, we sat around and chatted for about 10 minutes, and then Nick started the game of HEX off with going over the rules and some sample combats. Those were enjoyable, and reminded me of how much fun combat can be in the Ubiquity system games. Once the samples of combat were done, we got down into the actual start of playing the game.

Archibald ("Archie") Weatherby, my character, got off to a rocky start, flying a plane with the other player characters aboard that got caught in a storm, and was sent plummeting to earth. I redeemed myself by managed to barely land the plane, in pieces, on a swath of flatland near what appeared to be overgrown jungle... even though we were supposed to be somewhere over Arizona. Suffice it to say, we had a good time getting ourselves out of the wreckage with some of our surviving gear, encountered some natives who clearly weren't from our time and proved to be rather hostile, and saw our first prehistoric creature. Nick ended the first session of play on a nice little cliffhanger, with the characters dangling over a waterfall as we used vines to climb, with natives throwing spears at us. Cool stuff.

I had a pretty good time of it, enjoying myself immensely, and the other players appeared to have a great time as well, with Joanne's character, Frances Rose Davis, clinging to Archie at times to the best of her ability, and playing up the simpering eyes and "Save me!" attitude all the way. I expect Nick to use this at some point, since I think she's got the Danger Magnet Flaw, to "manipulate" my character a little bit, but it's all good.

So overall, a good night of gaming. I'm looking forward to next week's HEX session quite a bit.
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