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One Heck of a Day

It has been one heck of a day.

I woke up this morning to find that the home computer wouldn't access the internet, so I couldn't download the overnight e-mail or post an early morning blog or Twitter entry.

Adding to matters was the fact that I spent part of the morning suffering from dizzy spells and imbalance issues. Cracked my hip somewhat against a bannister at the office during the early morning hours. Add to that the morning was busy as heck at the office, and that did not make my day.

Left the office to go and have my Footcare appointment at 12:40 pm. My regular footcare person was 35 minutes late. The reason? During lunch, she and several others were planning a wedding, and she completely lost track of time. I was supposed to take mom to the hospital for an appointment, but I had to call to tell her that I wouldn't make it, so she ended up taking a taxi to that. So I got home very late, and had to eat a late lunch.

Other than that, things haven't been too bad. spross dropped off at the house with a couple of items he's printed up for me, and I've watched the Doctor Who serial "The Enemy of the World" on DVD this afternoon.

Time to make some supper soon, but I'll be eating a late supper.

Oh, did I mention that my feet hurt a lot now, since the footcare handling? Good thing I can stay off them a bit longer today. :)
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