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Lunch Break, and Beastie Creation

Lunch hour. I didn't get my morning coffee break, so I'm a bit cranky.

It's been an extremely busy morning here at work, and I've not really had a chance to take a breath so far, as things were just hectic. Add to the fact that my boss is in a foul mood today (even though it's Friday...what's with that?), and it's made the office a bit more tense than usual. However, it's a Friday, so the weekend looms ahead.

I've brought my lunch with me, and have re-heated the tuna casserole in the office microwave, adding a dash of milk to it. I'm going to spend lunch finishing up the rough draft of another beastie, Chalicotherium, for the Primeval RPG.

Then we'll see what the afternoon brings work-wise.
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