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Friday Night's HEX Gaming, Part 2

I had another very enjoyable evening of gaming with the Friday night group last night.

Nick continued to run the Hollow Earth Expedition adventure that he's running for all of July, and I had a really good time playing in the game again, and seeing the GM Screen from the other side for a change. You can read about the previous game session in this blog entry.

Everyone arrived and had made themselves comfortable by about 7:20 pm, so Nick got down to gaming once he had set himself up, and away we went.

My character, Archibald ("Archie") Weatherby and Joanne's character, Frances (I call her "Frannie"), continue to have an interesting relationship, and the other characters are trying to figure out what we are/were to each other. We all managed to survive the climb back up to the top of the waterfall, though I had a tough time (and needed to spend a Style point to do so), and the story continued from there. We allied ourselves with a renegade faction among the hostile tribe, and learned there are Nazis controlling their headman/shaman, and that they're seeking something for evil purposes. My character's mechanics/engineering knowledge allowed me to figure out that it's some sort of energy device or weapon, and so the player characters vowed to stop the Nazis, and Nick wrapped up the session with the player characters preparing to sneak into the Nazi base, and naturally the most slow-footed character in the group gave us all away when he failed a Stealth roll. Oops!

Anyway, as mentioned, I had a great time playing Archie and just sitting with the players and interacting with their characters through just one character (*mine*!). The give and take between us has been really enjoyable, and I'm just having fun with the game as a player. Nick's really quite good at running the Pulp adventure style and genre, and that is making it even more fun for me.

I'm really looking forward to next Friday night's game session, and seeing what Nick's got in store for us! :)
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