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Home From the Office, and Gaming Wednesday

Just got home from the office about 10 minutes ago.

A long day at work, relatively busy, and dealing with some shite from the boss. Add to that my own discomfort today, as I did something to my left shoulder while sleeping, and the shoulder's been bothering me all day... *sigh* The weather outside has been warm today, but not as scorching as it's been, and there was a relatively nice breeze that kept things comfortable. I went out for lunch and grabbed a ham and swiss sammich with a small salad and a bottle of water. Nice to get out of the office, if but for a little while during the work day.

I need to spend a little time this afternoon getting ready for tonight's game of Atlantis: The Second Age with Donna, David, and Kendall. Should be an interesting game session tonight, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go and what develops.

For now, I need a cup of tea and a bit of toast.
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