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Friday Night Games

Friday night's gaming was actually pretty good.

As mentioned, I am being given three weeks off from running stuff on Friday nights, although my goddaughter, Ellie, tried to convince me to run a couple of sessions of either Faery's Tale ,or the Elfquest roleplaying game (bet that's a game name you haven't heard of in some years, huh? :)), since she remembered me reading her the Elfquest comics when she was smaller.

I had mentioned Elfquest to the Friday nighters and Ellie, because I had spross bring me the notes and all that for the Holt that I had run back in the days, which had also been my Holt in the EQ Fan Club days (don't ask about that, long story!), as I was thinking the basic area around the Holt would make for a good adaptation into a village and its nearby surroundings for the Desolation game for the Sunday group. When the matter of running Elfquest came up well... While I'm really tempted to revisit the World of Two Moons, I'm not sure I want to run a campaign of it again.

In any event, we played four games of Ticket to Ride, and after Ellie went to sleep, moved on to a game of Britannia, the classic boardgame about the multiple conquests of Britain. Ah, nothing like watching your Jutes slaughtered to the last unit...but I got my revenge with the Danes! <evil g>

Good night overall, and it was nice to get in some boardgaming time again.
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