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Overwhelmed by the Antediluvian World

As noted in this blog post, I've been reading the Atlantis: Geographica supplement for the Atlantis: The Second Age fantasy sword & sorcery roleplaying game.

I've read through the Gondwana chapter of the book, around 150+ pages, and I have to say that I'm somewhat... overwhelmed ... by the game world. This is a 250+ page supplement for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG covering the game world, literally the *world*, and I knew that coming in it was going to be an intense read. There is soooooooo much detail in this book, the reading is quite dense, and maybe it's just that I'm getting old, but I've no hope of remembering much of what I'm reading in the book (and I've had the pleasure of using the previous, Morrigan version of the game world as well back in the day)! There are just soooo many nations, soooo many cool ideas, that I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Yes, there are some really neat elements and plot ideas that I'll definitely recall, but to be honest, I find myself thinking that if I'd started running the game after reading this book, I'd have likely started the characters on Alba/Iber, Eria, or Gondwana to begin with, rather than Europa. And I'd likely have set up the game campaign somewhat differently as well.

That said, I'm hoping that by the time I finish reading the Geographica, I'll be able to put the material from the book through a "JohnK lens" of sorts, and get some focus from it all.

In the meantime, it is a seriously good read, except for the various typos and the like.
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