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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Woke up early this morning, around 7:15 am or so. I don't feel tired, though I'm not refreshed from sleep either, as I did get to bed before 12:20 am last night, as the Friday night game session ended relatively early and then we sat around and chatted for a bit.

I'm up this morning, having eaten breakfast and showered, and am waiting for Nick to arrive so that we can go and do some grocery shopping over at Farm Boy this morning.

Last night's gaming session was quite enjoyable, and the Friday night gaming group finished up the scenario that Nick was running. I'll be blogging about that later on today, and I have a few things I want to do around the house this afternoon. Laundry, housework, that sort of thing.

Given that I start running games effectively on Monday, and will be running three times this coming week, I need to do a bit of work on the Atlantis: The Second Age campaigns this week as well, and may start in on that today and/or tomorrow.
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