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Civic Holiday (Colonel By Day) Thoughts

Monday, the civic holiday here in Canada. Colonel By Day, officially.

I'm feeling a little bit tired, and under the weather, but now that I'm back on the Reactin, I'm hoping that the allergy symptoms go away quicker rather than later, or at least become more moderate. No real plans for the day, as most of my friends are busy with other stuff, so I'm thinking I'll take a "me" day.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. spross finished up the month-long game of Atlantis: The Second Age that he was running, and I'm kind of sorry to see it stop as I was rather enjoying playing.

Today is also my mom's birthday, but she has gone to Montreal with some friends to spend the day, so I won't be seeing her until some time tomorrow. She got the roses that I had sent to her, and I've given her the two birthday cards - 1 serious, 1 humourous - that I got her, as well as the other present that I bought her (not talking about that here).

Like I said, no real plans for the day. I'm going to spend part of the rest of the day reading and doing a bit of laundry as I'm running out of underwear and clean clothes to wear. Depending on how I feel, we'll see what else I want to get up to.
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