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Friday Night Gaming and Health Stuff

Saturday morning.

I am exhausted. And not from gaming last night.

Last night's gaming session with the Friday night group was lots of fun. The Friday nighters are continuing with their Atlantis: The Second Age campaign, and last night's session was pretty good and an example of what I love in roleplaying games. I'll be blogging about the game a bit later today, but for now, I'll just say that it was a lovely night of gaming and socialising with my Friday night players.

I spent most of the post-midnight hours last night on the toilet, having lots of fun... NOT! Suffice to say, it must have been that I had too many tomatoes in food and the like yesterday, as they really do affect me that way. That and some stress at work that had my stomach in knots for the most part during the post-lunch time period of work. Ah, well... I feel somewhat better this morning, though I don't feel rested.
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