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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 4

The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on their campaign in the Atlantis: The Second Age</i> on the weekend. Here is the most recent game session journal about the Sunday gaming group. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Marek (spross) - Scythian Adventurer
Alethia (Tammy Powers) - Saturnian Mercenary
Hylacea (NPC) - Hesperian Spy
Macco (NPC) - Gorgon Brigand/Mercenary

10th Simanu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

Alethia doesn't surprise her opponent, and recognises him as one of the Red darama Mercenary (RDM) company, that draws on Scythian, Vir, and some Oggian men and Women. She is able to get in some solid blows, and takes him down with relative ease. Macco locates another of the scouts, and kills him with no difficulty at all. Marek finds himself in the fight of his life, having blinded himself by stumbling into some fire blossoms [he rolled 2 Perception Critical Failures in a row!] and while he is able to eound his foe, the scout almost kills him with a mace. It is only by his retreating into the nearby brush that he avoids death. The Heroes spot a second patrol approaching them, and Alethia, Macco, and Hylacea go to confront them, leaving Marek to continue to blindly dance with his opponent. Alethia kills her opponent relatively easily, after tracking him down. Macco is able to knock his second opponent unconscious, in the hopes of questioning him. Hylacea takes down her opponent also relatively easily, but unknowingly leaves him unconscious, not dead. Alethia manages to return to the area where Marek, now seriously hurt, is just trying to escape his Red Darama opponent. She manages to kill that mercenary scout as well, but is also suffering from some of the wounds she incurred in combat.

Macco calls for the others, and after they join him by the unconscious mercenary, he binds the scout with vines and tree bark. Alethia checks out the mercenary while he's being bound, and notices that he's from Vir. She sees that other than the ordinary stuff, he's also wearing a copper bangle on his left wrist/arm; this denotes that he is one of the favoured of the Vir hunting god. Macco starts to use some first aid ability to help Marek and bind his wounds, while Alethia and Hylacea start to question the mercenary once he has roused with a moan. He tells the two women that there are some 10 patrols out that he knows of, but doesn't know where they're assigned, though he does say that some of them consist of Balam. Of course, the scout says that when the patrol doesn't return to report, their master will send out more patrols to find out what has happened. Macco says, matter-of-factly, that the mercenary must realise they can't let him live.

Hylacea hears the sound of splashing, and alerts the others to the fact that the one she thought she'd killed isn't dead. Hylacea races out of the area, leaving Macco to continue working on Marek, and Alethia tells her that she has to take care of something first. She reluctanctly kills the mercenary scout, but does it quick and cleanly, and apologises to him for the necessity of the deed [she loses 2 Renown]. As he dies, the mercenary starts to curse her in Edjat's name, but is unable to complete the curse. Alethia races after Hylacea, leaving Macco to continue his treatment of Marek.

Alethia catches up with Hylacea some 200 metres beyond the creek. The Hesperian is kneeling beside the dead mercenary, cleaning her knives. She tells Alethia that the mercenary was her responsibility; now that he's dead, they can leave him to the scavengers like the dog that he is. The two women discuss whether they can trust each other. Hylacea swears by Athena that she has told her the truth about her reasons for being on the quest, and that she intends to destroy the Talisman of Koracq; she's not on either side in the current conflict between the Atlantean and the Lemurian. Alethia and Hylacea make a deal, swearing a Hesperian "spit oath", that in return for her help in securing and destroying the item, Alethia can take whatever loot from the fort she can carry as her payment. As they start to head back to join the others, Hylacea asks her whether she thinks that Marek, aka "Janus", is trustworthy...

The two women return to Marek and Macco, who are waiting for them, and the group decides to travel to the north, closer to the fort, and rest there until morning. Hylacea tells Alethia that she has one other thing to tell her. She was sent by the Lemurian, Eridu to get something that the Captain of Alethia's mercenary group had. She was the one who killed the captain, but he didn't have the item in question. She tells Alethia that in her time, she has done some questionable and heinous deeds, but that she wants her to know that she killed the Captain as part of her duty. With that Hylacea turns her attention to Marek, calling him "Janus". Hylacea asks him how she can trust him. Marek tells her his story: He came to find the shrine that lies near the Haunted Dells, that is said to hold the fabled Amulet of Asclepius. Since there were patrols of the Red Darama mercenary company everywhere, he joined them as a replacement for one of their spearmen (and actually got a payment of his first several days during that time!). He originally planned to stay just long enough to find the amulet and then leave, but the situation got the better of him, and he was caught in the battle with Alethia's mercenary company before he could find the amulet. Satisfied with his story for now, the Heroes discuss the possibility of wearing some of the ercenaries' belongings, and disguising themselves. Hylacea tells them this won't work - the Lemurian has placed an alchemical mark, through some sort of potion on the skin of each of those who work for him, though it doesn't allow him to track them.

Once they reach the area where they will camp, the Heroes and Macco and Alethia end the evening telling tall tales and getting somewhat drunk (using the rules for Indulgence to recover some Hero Points as well as Hit Points). Hylacea makes a pass at Alethia, but is rejected by the only somewhat drunk Saturnian mercenary due to their trust issues. The Heroes wake the next morning suffering from hangovers [which will give them a -2 penalty to all actions for a while].

And that's the story of the Atlantis: The Second Age game session with the Sunday group. The game session was pretty enjoyable, and I was pleased at the way in which the combat with the Red Darama mercenaries worked out. There was some good roleplaying in this session as well, and though there were a few problems with spross's playing of his character, Marek, I thought Tammy did a remarkably good job of things in the session yesterday afternoon.

As mentioned elsewhere, I'm not sure whether I'll be gaming next weekend due to having some tests done in the hospital at the end of the week, but I'm certainly looking forward to it if it happens. :)
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