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Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning still feeling somewhat numb and in shock about the seeming suicide death of actor and comedian Robin Williams possibly due to depression, and some of the other news from yesterday. Monday was definitely not a great day.

The weather here in Ottawa has totally cooled off for the most part, but it is wet outside and somewhat humid as I write this. Not too bad, but the dampness is hurting my back and stuff. Work is still somewhat slow after the yesterday, but that's not surprising. The boss is in a foul mood for some reason this morning, so "avoidance" might be the word of the day.

My personal plans for the day aren't overly complicated. I'll do some work to get ready for Friday's game session, assuming I'm able to do that after the late morning/early afternoon CT scan with drugs involved. I want to do some reading as well today, and have a couple of other projects on the go that I want to do stuff with.

In the meantime, the annual migration of gamers to Indianapolis for GenCon Indybegins today. I just want to wish everyone heading to the convention a safe trip and all, and to please remember to take plenty of photos! :)
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