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Monday Morning Thoughts

'Morning everyone.

It's Monday. Woke up this morning feeling somewhat better. The nausea is definitely gone (I hope), but I'm still having moments of dizziness. That might be part of the condition, though, rather than a side effect any longer of the CT scan tests this past weekend. I still ate a light breakfast, nothing too carb-filled, but savoured the smell of the decaf coffee today. :)

I got in to work with the car pool this morning (I wasn't stupid enough to drive), and the office is relatively quiet this a.m., though there's quite a bit of work piled on my desk, though I'm getting through it gradually so far this morning.

I'm hoping that the rest of the day is relatively peaceful and quiet, and I can just get on with the job on this Monday morning without having to deal with any tsuris and suffer any stress. And I hope the peeing blue stops soon.
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