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RPGaDAY in August - August 23rd: Coolest Looking RPG/Book

We continue on with RPGaDAY in August. (Check out the link to find out what it's all about.)


Day 23 – Coolest Looking RPG/Book

I thought that this one would be a tough one today, but in actual fact, it's not. The two coolest looking RPG books out there (I just couldn't pick between them!) are the main Shadows of Esteren, Book 1: Universe rulebook and the Agone rulebook.

Shadows of Esteren Main Rulebook

Agone RPG (English)

Both Agone and Shadows of Esteren are French roleplaying games translated into English, and both have a lot of great things going for them (though the former is long out of print in English and French). What makes them so special, each in their own way, is that the game books are stunning in appearance, have brilliant art, and have superb layouts.

Just lovely, and I couldn't pick between them.

Sadly, though my gaming groups played both games for a little while, they just didn't want to play them after the initial runs for various reasons. But they will always be on my gaming shelf or in a box 'til the day I breathe my last. And I'm just sad that I'll never get to run either of them again.
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