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Fall-Down Shower

Well, I woke up this morning at the usual pre-work time, feeling better than I had the day before, though I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked. Needless to say, I should have known what was ahead.

While finishing my shower this morning, the bath mat slid out from under my feet, and I took a nasty tumble in the bathtub. I cracked my head on the tiled wall of the tub, cracked the right elbow as I spun down on the outer edge of the tub, and cracked both knees on the floor of the bathtub.

I don't think I lost consciousness at all, but was pretty disoriented and scared after I just lay there for a few moments (or what seemed a lifetime, anyway). After checking to make sure that nothing felt broken, I tried to stand up and managed that after a couple of tries. I wasn't dizzy or anything, though like I said I was somewhat scared. Both of my knees hurt, but I was able to bend and the like, though my right hip hurt somewhat. And my knees were throbbing somewhat.

In any event, I finished the shower, dried off, and still felt relatively all right. I finished off the morning routine and had some breakfast, and have come in to work today, though I'll see whether I can handle a full day or whether I'll leave earlier than usual. Very bad couple of mornings, for sure.

So far, it's been a slow day at the office. Thank Goddess.
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