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RPGaDAY in August - August 29th: Most Memorable Encounter

We continue on with RPGaDAY in August. (Check out the link to find out what it's all about.)


Day 29 – Most Memorable Encounter

Hmm... an interesting question for today.

I think, for me, the most memorable encounters are two-fold.

The first most memorable encounter had to have come in the DragonQuest RPG. Back in the early days of 1983 or so, I was running "The Palace of Ontoncle" adventure for the game, and the player characters were about to climb a staircase in the main entry chamber of the debilitated, ruined castle. When the characters hit the second step, they triggered the first magical ward, instantly killing the halfling thief, Merry Oreckiss. Paranoid that the next step going up the stairs might be warded as well, the player characters threw the body of the dead halfling up the stairs to check for wards. (It was warded, every sixth step from that point, for the full 30 steps up.) Needless to say, the halfling player was quite upset with the rest of the characters' means of checking for the wards, but the players themselves had a hilarious time, and called it "Bowling with Dead Halflings". Memorable, but twisted.

The second most memorable encounter has to be in the Primeval RPG. This was during my scenario "Peril Beneath the Streets", and this one happened twice - once in the Friday night campaign, and repeated several times during convention play. The player characters are down in the London Underground investigating a creature sighting and some suspicious deaths, and one of the player characters goes off down the tunnel to investigate a source of light up ahead. Several moments later, the player character comes running back down the tunnel, waving arms wildly and screaming "Get them off!" and when the other player characters see the character, he or she is covered in little biting dinosaurs everywhere (and no, I'm not spoiling things by telling you readers what the type of dinosaur was!). In every single case, one of the player characters who thought he/she is an excellent shot with their weapon tries to pick off one or two of the beasties with his firearm! Lovely stuff, and to be honest, one of (some of?) the most hilarious and twisted bits of gaming ever.

Definitely memorable, for totally different reasons.
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