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Getting Ready for Friday Gaming

Got home from work today after what seemed a long day at the office. Part of this was not helped by the boss being in a mean, snarky mood because he'd been taken to task by the higher-ups. Some days, I just wish I didn't have to go to work in that office, but most days it's pretty decent there.

I got home and did a bit of work on the game for this evening that I'll be running, and in the middle of that, managed to get in today's entry for #RPGaDAY. You can read about the Most Memorable Encounter entry for today by following the link.

I took a bit of a nap for about an hour (put on the mobile phone alarm clock), and felt somewhat refreshed and less headache-y than I did, which is a good thing, and have planned another few things for this evening's game session.

I'll be running Atlantis: The Second Age with the Friday night group this evening, and am looking forward to this session. Since several of my players are moving away due to Real Life(tm) stuff going on, it'll be one of the last sessions with this group of players, I suspect.

Enough maudlin talk. Time to head upstairs and make some supper before gaming tonight.

Have a good evening, folks.
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