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Friday Night Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 12

As mentioned yesterday, the Friday night group played another session of the Atlantis: The Second Age sword & sorcery game that I'm currently running. Here is the latest journal entry about the game campaign from last night. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry here. This post is quite long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Sahauviia the Green (Kathy Bauer) - Atlantean Sorceress
Mahoo of Aquaga (Nick Roberts) - Ulukan Scout
Sadikar al Tarnufeh (Tom Robinson) - Gondwanan Scholar
Calfuray (Joanne Clarke) - Tamarac Herbalist
Koomara Hadansi (Angela Marsh) - Galacean Scavenger
Orgaskemisqak (David Matchuk) - Lemurian Craftsman

24th Du'uzu, Year 506 Second Age (SA)

The player Heroes sit and discuss what has happened, and what they have (or haven't) learned. Sadikar al Tarnufeh tells the others that they have to figure out who or what Sennesh Haburta is, and they need to do it soon. Despite the condition of Sahauviia the Green, Mahoo of Aquaga, and Calfuray, the Heroes agree to split up once more, and will meet at Niko's food cart (one of their favourite eating spots since arriving in Klymeus), located in the Court of Stars. Calfuray says that she will seek out Uncas to learn what they can from him, but Orgaskemisqak the Crafter says he will go with her. Sadikar says that he has a lead that he wants to pursue, one that he had best go after alone. Sahauviia says that she will pursue her lead with Agarato, as perhaps he can tell her something about the shadow ape creature that she, Mahoo, and Calfuray encountered, and Mahoo and Koomara Hadansi tell her that they will come with her. The group splits up and departs.

Calfuray and Orga seek out Uncas, and learn that he's at his late night hang-out, a tavern called The Crown, in a nicer part of Klymeus. Calfuray asks Orga to wait outside for a few minutes. The herbalist goes inside The Crown and finds Uncas in back, in a private room, with a hulking bodyguard. The two exchange idle chit-chat before getting down to business. Calfuray tells him that one of her friends, the ape-man, is after Uncas, as a fellow got beaten up, and the ape-man is blaming Uncas. After considering for a few minutes, Uncas says he'll have a word with a member of the Klymeus guard. He also says that his client is interested in a potential meet, but the person that he would have had Calfuray contact has gone missing. He can find someone else, and they arrange for mid-morning. She asks him if the name Sennesh Haburta means anything to him; Uncas is surprised, but covers quickly. When he asks where she heard the name, she tells him it was during a trip to one of the local temples, and that she heard stories - "bones walking away, vampires, that sort of thing". Uncas says that they're done, and he walks out, the bodyguard accompanying him.

Meanwhile, Sadikar pays a visit to an old friend who works nights. Amalyah works in a house, The Fox and the Hound, patronised by gentlemen. Amalyah is pleased to see him, but says she's working right now, but when Sadikar leers at her and buys two flagons of wine, she agrees to talk to him. When he talks to Amalyah and discusses scholarly matters, mentioning the "colour" of Sennesh Haburta, Amalyah says she knows of one gentleman familiar with that "colour"... Theus, an astrologer, who was kind enough to her, seemed nervous much of the time, but is rising nicely in Klymeus society at the moment, so he couldn't possibly see him. Sadikar convinces her to take him on as a client after her assignation, and then perhaps take a trip over to visit her friend, Theus. She agrees to do so.

Sahauviia, Mahoo, and Koomara head to pay a visit to Agarato at the small institute of learning. As they walk through a deserted quandrangle with copses of trees here and there, Koomara's senses warn her just in time. The three Heroes are attacked by three black, white-haired men, wearing cloaks though the evil in their eyes is clear; they are short, slim like dancers, and wielding short knives. Koomara's dexterity and speed serve her well, while Mahoo feels no qualms about using his limited flight abilities in the terrain with his spear, and Sahauviia saves herself with a quick defensive spell. The Heroes defeat the three (obviously) assassins, though not without being wounded, but the three attackers are killed in the process. Koomara is able to identify their weapons as a form of kukri, typically associated with the Cult of Ba'al in Jambu. However, she cannot identify the race of the three assassins, and this worries her.

Calfuray and Orga decide that they need to talk to Pellos, as the guard may know more than what he's already told them. They go to the Chulager Tavern, near the barracks where a lot of off-duty guardsmen drink, and learn at the bar that Pellos is in trouble. He had originally planned for that night to guard the same cemetary that held the despoiled tomb of Eleus, with Cleon, but learned he was reassigned to desk duty. Pellos refused, and in a fit of pique, quit the guard entirely. The two Heroes go to Pellos's home, in the lower class part of town, an odd place to live for a guard who's successful in his job. Finding the door not locked, the two enter, and are greeted by a woman's crying. While startled, and thinking it's Pellos, she greets them, and they learn that he's gone off with that "horrid litle man". Realising that Pellos has gone off with Leus, probably gambling but perhaps something worse, Calfuray and Orga head back out into the night.

Once Amalyah has finished with her client, she agrees to take Sadikar to see Theus. She says that it's not far from the observatory, though it's not in the nice part of Klymeus. As they walk, Amalyah remembers something else. She says that Theus said that he had been doing well, but then walked into Sennesh Haburta's trap, whatever that meant. Arriving at Theus's home, they find it abandoned; his clothing and personal effects are gone, and by the dust and mold on the leftover food, he's been gone for at least a week. Amalyah identifies a table that Theus was fond of, and after spending some time [and a Hero Point or two!] looking around, the table gives up its secret - a tiny, hidden compartment. Sadikar finds a small, leather-bound book inside, but his pleasure soon turns sour as the book contains cryptic notes and symbols that he can't decipher. He tucks the book into his tunic, and motions Amalyah to leave with him. Sadikar takes her back to The Fox and the Hound, and promises to pay her within the next day or two. She laughs, and reminds him of her enforcers.

Calfuray and Orga return to the cemetary to check on Cleon. The guard repeats the information about Pellos's quitting the guard, and Orga tells Cleon to expect another break-in that night. Calfuray hears some giggling in the bushes, but ignores it, considering it another diversion like the previous night's.

The player Heroes meet up at Court of Stars, and Niko's food cart, as arranged. They share the information they've gained. The Heroes seem to feel that a break-in at the cemetary will be likely, and so they take up positions outside the cemetary, watching roughly a quarter of the central wall. It is a long night, as no one shows up, other than Leus, who meets with a woman and shares an intimate few moments before departing home. At dawn, the Heroes are all tired, and agree to meet at 2:00 the next afternoon, so that everyone can get some rest.

This particular session of Atlantis: The Second Age was one that was quite enjoyable, with only one skirmish occurring, but the player Heroes doing a lot of running around. The irony is that the player Heroes in various situations aren't necessarily the ones suited to them. As an example, Tom's Sadikar is a scholar, with only basic Influence skill, but guess who's the one going to see the brothel worker that he added to the mix here? Yep, Sadikar! :) Naturally, the three characters attacked by the assassins were the three least suited to combat! (Except possibly Mahoo, and the owlman really isn't great in ground combat.) Again, perfect example. :)

The scenario is going quite well, though the players are lost for ideas at times, though several of them have an inkling of what might be going on. They've played the characters as not having that knowledge and information, and thus the game is going pretty smoothly. The player Heroes' relationships are turning out more interesting than I expected, but we'll see how things develop, as three of the players will be leaving in September. Hopefully, I can wrap up the scenario with them before that happens.

Anyway, looking forward to running the game again next week. :)
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