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A Weird Afternoon

It has been a strange afternoon, to say the least.

spross dropped by this afternoon, and we went out to eat at the local Denny's. The food was all right, as I had a Super Bird (Thinly sliced turkey breast with melted Swiss cheese, crisp bacon, and tomato on a grilled sourdough bread) with some crisp vegggies on the side. The Super Bird was pretty good, but the veggies were anything but crisp. I got the hostess to replace the veggies, but they were worse than before, so I only at the carrots. From there, SteveR and I went over to the Loblaws, and I picked up a large, round sourdough bread since I had run out at the house.

We headed back to my place, and then headed over to the west end and The Comic Book Shoppe. I went in there looking for some gaming stuff (more on that in later posts, but not saying anything right now), while spross went over to the Animé store next door. I didn't find what I was looking for, but hadn't expected to, but did discover that my comic subscription had been cancelled back in the middle of April. No call, no e-mail... Granted that I hadn't picked up the comics in a good long while (for reasons that my readers are aware of if they've been reading the last six months of the blog). Anyway, that part of my life's probably over now, and with the exception of the Legion of Super-Heroes stuff and some mini-series and the like, perhaps it's time I sold off the comics and all...

By the time we left the Comic Book Shoppe, I was feeling... strange. Started having a bad headache, feeling somewhat weak, and a bit dizzy. This got worse by the time spross got me back to the house, but it was the chest pain that was getting to me the most. I drank a good dose of water when I got home, and started to feel somewhat better. I suspect that between the warmth of the day and the high pollen levels and the stuff that happened this week, I had done too much for the afternoon. So I had a snack while I finished the write-up on last night's Atlantis: The Second Age game session, blogged that to the LJ, and then lay down for a while and took a nap.

I've just woken up, and I feel a little bit better though the headache is persisting. Time for a bit of supper I think, and then see how I feel during the evening.
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