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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 6

The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on in their campaign of the Atlantis: The Second Age game on the weekend. Here is the most recent game session journal about the Sunday gaming group. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Marek (spross) - Scythian Adventurer
Alethia (Tammy Powers) - Saturnian Mercenary
Hylacea (NPC) - Hesperian Spy
Macco (NPC) - Gorgon Brigand/Mercenary

11th Simanu, Year 506 Second Age (SA)

Macco continues to hold the barricade along with Alethia, while Marek searches the guard chamber for resources and weapons. He find that the guards are wearing fur/hide armour vests and there are two maces hanging on the wall. Hylacea sees that there are two maces on the wall, and informs the others that they are there. Alethia notices the hammering on the inner, barred door has stopped. She rushes to the main door into the common area and looks out, to see a guard rushing towards her. She swears in Tharshi, and runs out of the room to attack the lead guard. She does so, striking him a critical blow with the knife, and he goes down.

Inside the guard room, Hylacea, Macco, and Marek realise that something is up when Alethia rushes to the door, and they go for the door with Macco in the lead, who checks what's going on outside thus blocking the door, all of them grabbing what they can (Hylacea and Marek grab a mace each, with Macco and Alethia still using the daggers). Hylacea almost dies, struck by a hard blow from one of the guards' maces [for 10 points of damage, and she's already down to 10 Hit Points], and Alethia is severely hurt with
a couple of cracked ribs [down to 4 Hit Points]. Marek is able to take down his opponent, with some difficulty. The Heroes are able to win out against the four guards, but are not in good shape.

Alethia checks Hylacea and determines she's dying, and has Marek take her back into the guard room, and he heals her. Meanwhile, Macco and Alethia drag the dead guards back into the room, to see Marek having problems working on Hylacea. Alethia tells him to search for a first aid kit. Even with the aid of the kit, he can barely bring Hylacea back to the land of the living.

As Alethia is dragging the last body into the guard room, she hears the sound of marching feet, and what might be the flicking of a tongue. Looking down the corridor, she sees an Ahl-At-Rab coming toward her. She attempts to sneak away back into the guard room before he spots her, but fails miserably, and the lizard-man yells at her. She scrambles to the guard room and slams the door shut, and warns the others. Macco tells Marek to give Alethia the mace, and sees that she's badly hurt. Marek attempts to heal Alethia, [spending several Hero Points] and is forced to Tempt Fate to do so and manages to successfully heal her. During the healing process, Macco tears out another plank of the dicing table and bars the door to hallway.

With Hylacea still gravely injured, the feeling-much-better Alethia searches for keys and some protection, and takes an ill-fitting hide vest (does PR3), while Macco manages to treat Hylacea a bit more, and she recovers her faculties. Alethia listens at the inner door, and then unbars it, and sees the interior - a barracks room with five bunks. She hurries to the barracks room's main door, and it starts to open. She grabs it, yanking it shut, and then the [Balam] guard on the other side pulls it off its hinges, tossing the door and Alethia who is still holding the knob into the hallway - among a group of three other guards, all Balam! She staggers to her feet, still holding the door, and both she and the guards are surprised. She sees the Ahl-at-Rab trying to break through into the guard room that has been barricaded by Macco.

Macco, meanwhile, enters the guard barracks and coming to the doorless frame, sees what's going on, and goes into the dungeon hallway, where he attacks one of the Balam guards. Back inside the guard room, Marek supports the injured Hylacea, and is horrified when the lizard-man bashes a hole through the door, and sends a 1.5m long, metallic silver snake that slithers menacingly towards them, radiating evil. Marek is frightened out of his wits by the creature, rooted to the spot, but Hylacea is able to barely keep her wits about her, and manages to drag him into the "safety" of the barracks room.

The fight is the hallway is somewhat brutal and relatively swift. Alethia uses the Door as an effective shield, and kills four of the Balam guards. Macco goes after the ahl-At-Rab and it nearly costs him his life [, but he spends a lot of Hero Points] and is able to almost kill the lizard-man. Meanwhile, Marek manages to partially trap the snake in the door to the barracks, but it takes both his effort and that of Hylacea to kill the creature, avoiding the toxic blood. (Marek gets a tingling feeling where the acidic smoke touches him on the bare arm.) The Lemurian is dissatisfied with the lizard-man's handling of the prisoners' escape, and punishes him lethally - he is surrounded by a reddish mist, and dies screaming. The image of the Lemurian appears before the Heroes, and gives them an ultimatum. This [what he did to the Ahl-At-Rab] is what he does with servants who displease him greatly. He tells them that if the Heroes immediately leave his domain, he'll let them live... otherwise he will be waiting for them...

And that was how the Sunday session of Atlantis: The Second Age wrapped up for this long Labour Day Sunday. I thought the players did a pretty good job of it, and handled themselves well in the two major fights that took up this game session. They surprised me with how they handled themselves, and worked together (relatively speaking) with the two NPCs to defeat their opposition - but not without some close moments, and there were an imminent death or two that could have marred things, but which worked out in the end.

spross is still struggling somewhat playing his adventurer, and doesn't vocalise his intent or actions too well, and doesn't tell the other player Heroes what he's doing/done or found in character, assuming that everything that is said is known to everyone else regardless of whether his character is just talking to me, the GM. I guess, since I don't really know what's going through SteveR's mind. Tammy actually had a good session, engaging in her fights, communicated well with the other characters (even spross's), and had a couple of humourous moments and scary moments. Both players used their Hero Points much more frequently, and it showed them how their actions can be affected by the use of the Hero Points - notably in life-and-death situations! They've learned something of the main villain's power now, so it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the adventure shapes up, and what the player Heroes do next week.

Looking forward to the next session!
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